Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Update on Fellow Ninja Grey Thornberry.

Ninja Mountain's blog, besides being a place where we announce show updates and engage in interesting conversations with our listeners is also a news outlet for our fellow Ninjas.
Today, Grey Thornberry let me know about the latest goings-on in his studio.

Grey is keeping busy with several projects for Pathfinder (Paizo Games), due out in September of this year.
He wanted to share a recent image of an awesome Umber hulk with our listeners.
One of his many accomplished paintings was chosen as "Image of the Day"for June 2nd over at ImagineFX!

http://www.imaginefx.com, with a follow-up to be included on the dvd that comes with the July issue, check it out!

And we look forward to eventually having our friend on the show!
To learn more about Grey and his work head to Grey's Studio!

Thanks for reading, folks!


MuYoung Kim said...

Congratulations, Grey!

'Course, such is to be expected of someone so endowed with one kickin' name.

And for the love of Zombie Jesus, do one of the podcasts, please?

Patrick said...


Tim said...

fantastic piece. love it.

Cacodaemonia said...

Wow, congrats! You have to get on one of the podcasts now. :)