Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #19 - International Ninja Conspiracy

A special, history-making podcast today as Jon interviews Ben Wootten, some Andy, Jon and friends record in an Actual Scottish Pub, and Patrick, Jeremy and Socar discuss jobs gone wrong! Don't be the only person you know to miss it!

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Show Notes:

Ben Wootten:

John Howe:
Alan Lee:
Angus MacBride:
Kevin Walker:

Pubcast section:
The Malt Shovel:
The MeeeMooo:
Matt from the pub:
Scott Neil on The MeeeMooo, since his site seems on the fritz:
Ben Powis:
Dragon Warriors:

Artists mentioned:
Jack Vettriano:
Peter Howson:

Lochaber Axe:
Edinburgh Castle:
National Museums of Scotland:
Mervyn Peake:

Bitz of Art

This will get its own post once the new episode has had a little time to get out there, but news just in! You can now phone in voicemail for the show via jon.hodgson on Skype. Call in, leave us a message and we'll probably play it on Episode 20!


ATOM said...

Blinkin flip! You got your homework in early! Well done.And all the links & show notes have been posted too! I salute you. Myself & said podcast will have some sexytime early on the morrow!:)

Ninja Mountain said...

Yes! It's always time for a Sexy Party on the Mountain!


Anonymous said...

You bastards were talking about Mervyn Peake without me? BASTARDS!

Oh...I managed to keep from swearing for (almost) the whole show, and now I f* it up on the blog. Pff.

Jon said...

We barely scratched the surface of Senor Peake, beyond a mention so lets have a proper in depth chat about him on another show? Lots to talk about!

ATOM said...
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ATOM said...

Four pints of Bulmers, for the price of three sounds like a good deal! That pub looks nice too!I'm jealous me!
Nice podcast guys!

(edited to fix typo)

Cacodaemonia said...

Interesting tales of what jobs you guys had to back out of, and fun interview with Ben Wootten. It must have been something to see Alan Lee and John Howe work... O__o

I had a bit of trouble making out the conversation in the pub, but that's to be expected with a show in that venue.

Already looking forward to next week!

Oh, and thanks for recommending Big Illustration Party Time! I've been listening to back eps all week. :)

b1tzmast3r said...

Great show, as always! I especially like the part where you mentioned my name and my blog :O)

Thanks a million!!

Ralph Horsley said...

Hi Guys and Gal,

Great to hear this weeks episode. I enjoyed the variety of the different sections.

It was good to hear about Ben's experiences of working on LOTR and films in general.

The pub venue made a refreshing change, and I think I may have been there too (if my recollection of Jon dragging me, willingly and drunkenly, round Edinburgh is correct!) :)

MuYoung Kim said...

Another Winner for sure!

I must say the part where Jon and Ben described their own issues with doing purely personal work was so reassuring to hear!

Oh, and Patrick, my copy of Rendering in Pencil came in, and I must say, damn, I'm glad I got it. Thanks!

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey Mu Young! I'm always glad to evangelize that book, and any book by Arthur Guptill.

In fact, I've got a few others by him that are great. "Rendering in Pen and Ink" is indispensable! I've also tracked down old copies of "Color in Sketching and Rendering", "Freehand Drawing Self-Taught" and "Oil Painting Step-By-Step", which is signed by the author!