Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #15 - Cue the music!

In what is quite possibly our wackiest episode ever, Socar, Jeremy, Jon and Patrick attempt to discuss several important and weighty topics while trying not to laugh too much. Where do we see ourselves in the future, and how will we make it happen? What areas do we need to work on artistically and why? Can we manage to stay on topic for more than a minute at a stretch and why not? All these questions and more will probably remain unanswered in this senses-shattering FIFTEENTH episode!

I tunes, You Tunes, we all scream for iTunes!

Show Notes

Ramen Home Page
Potted Meat food products (The one Patrick mentioned didn't have a brand name on it...)
Socar's goal
Scott Purdy's GOBLINOIDS!

** Quality Assurance note! There were some sound issues around 50 minutes in on this episode, where Socar was dropped out. We've been working on that and a fix will be up soon. So if you have the version where you can't hear some of the dialog, try re-loading after 8:30 Pacific time May 8. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Man, I really need to have some prepared remarks, next time I go on one of these things! I always get so nervous, and end up babbling and repeating myself, and saying naughty words. And, apparently, taking short breaks to do something, uh, perverted.

Jeeze. What's up with that?

Jon Hodgson said...

There is no "on topic". There is only speak or not speak!

And I'm completely certain we lifted the Dagobah Battle Damage X Wing right out of the swamp on this one.

Ninja Mountain said...

Oh, you were wonderful Socar. Everyone likes a pervert. I do like Jon's analogy. We overcame our fears in the swamp that day. ;)


Cacodaemonia said...

LOL, Jeremy, I see a cat's face every time I look at chain link fences, too! I see random shapes and characters in all sorts of things, like water drops on the shower glass. ;)

This episode was a riot. I definitely LOL'ed (is that even how you spell it??) a few times. Speaking of being socially retarded, I actually got out of the house yesterday to go see Star Trek. Check it out if you get a chance. :D I'm not terribly versed in the various branches of the franchise, but I loved the movie all the same.

Jeffrey Lai said...

that was an awesome episode!
you guys have such interesting stories
and so so entertaining.
(it didn't seem like you guys were talkin for that long, time flew by)

MuYoung Kim said...

That was an amazing episode, and Socar, I hope you'll be coming back to do more 'casts, because, man, you were funny.

Really, bravo all around.

Unknown said...

Thanks folks! We were frankly a little worried that we'd just rambled too much, so I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as we obviously did. ;)

Caco - just saw Star Trek this afternoon. Incredible. I think it's the best of the entire franchise, and so clever that they've given themselves a logical way to ignore all the baggage the series had accumulated so far and go off in new directions.

riq said...

Hey guys..

I've been listening since Jon did a shoutout for you on ArtOrder..

I've been spreading the word, cuz you guys do a great job, and I find it very entertaining and just plain helpful.

I usually listen to you while I'm actually working so it's alway relevent.

This episode was great, and I didnt feel that anyone rambled. In fact I like the organic structure especially when it leads someone to a relevant or irrelevant anecdote that is entertaining or informative.

Keep up the great work.

I think Jeremy has a talent for helping the conversation move about and flow well..( and you ask many of the questions I'm thinking or have thought about before)



thedarkcloak said...

That was an awesome episode, guys! It wasn't rambling or mind numbing at all, it was very entertaining and it was great to hear all the stories - to hear you guys just throwing back and letting loose. Good stuff! I hope Socar keeps coming back for more, because she's a hoot.

Jeremy! I know EXACTLY what you're talking about - except to me it kinda looks more like a Pink Panther type of face, with it's eyes all O.O!

That potted meat story is horrific Megaflow - You know, back when I used to talk to you on epilogue, I could only think of you as megaflow too, very similar to what Jon said about it... heh! Maybe Patrick is your disguise, and Megaflow IS you! shhhhhh!!! And thanks for the inspirational link... I'm having all sorts of fun (?) imagining what kinds of things would crawl out of those cans.

By the way, have you guys heard of this? - might be a fun way to get some further interaction and 'live' input from the listeners. :) It's kinda like voice mail I suppose, but you'd even be able to play them on the show. :D

Anyway... Ninja... VANISH! *kapoomf!

Meredith said...


Try taping your drawing down to matboard or something when you have to scan in peices. I always leave large paintings on the watercolor block while scanning.

Unknown said...

Hey Riq! Thanks for the support - we're glad you're enjoying our anecdotal madness. :)

Ah, Mr. Cloak - thanks for writing as always. Great comments, and I'm looking up Wagwire right now.

Jon Hodgson said...

Just this very day I was thinking we /need/ either live listeners on air, or recordings from voice mail. And so I am very excited by this possibility!

And since my email account seems to be having some kind of problem, I shall also use this conduit to report to Patrick that tonight's recording (ep 16) went well, its a good session, and once I've bleeped out all the profanity I will send you a copy. :)

Though I'm not sure anyone actually said "cue the music" at the end, so we may need to redo the whole thing.

Hope you're feeling better!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the update, Jon. I'm not feeling any worse, so that's something.

Who ended up being on this week? (Bleeping... I'm guessing Socar! ha!)

Kat said...

I commented on this episode... but it seems to have disapeared. I was saying that, in response to poisoning people, it's amazing how many things simulate arsenic poisoning. hmmmm. :evil grin:


Unknown said...

You left it over on the episode 14 thread! Now our evil secret is everywhere...! :)

Unknown said...

great stuff. my g/f would be laughing her pants off hearing this. "artists" she would probably say, sheesh.

Too bad for her she she is slowly joining us on the dark side! LOL

Unknown said...

Thanks, PJ. Your girlfriend will come around, I'm sure.. :)