Friday, May 01, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #14 - doing it in style

Hello all you artist-listening people! We're a little bit late this week, but we think it will be worth the wait, as Jeremy and Patrick are joined by South American Ninja Sam Araya and returning Ninja Anne Stokes. Our discussion concentrates on the care and feeding of your personal style. Can you work on it, and if so how? Can you change it around for different jobs, or do you want to? Also, we touch on the topic of the most important or memorable critiques we've received. Interesting stuff all around!

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Show Notes

Sam Araya

Alla Prima: Everything I Know About Painting, by Richard Schmid
Joel-Peter Witkin
Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt

Spyder3 pro

** We apologize for the slightly baddish sound quality here and there this time out. Skype was not our friend this day! We think that if you stick it out through the sound issues you'll have almost as much fun as we did.


ATOM said...

Yaaahayyy!I was waiting for this!

Hector Ortiz said...

Dude I have the same problem! I hate drawing feet too! I even tought that I was simply unable to draw them, but I did an experiment. I traced many feet pictures and after finishing I hated them too. For some reason the picture made no sense in my head. What the hell was that all about? Oh I also hate wrists. They seem so frail when you do them anatomically correct...

Oh well, back to my drawing...

BTW, you guys going to any convention soon? I'd like to meet and thank you in person for this podcast.

See ya!

Ninja Mountain said...

Yayyy Atom! Always glad to hear from you. :)

Hey Mindfields - yeah, that's several of us now who have said that. Maybe it's a "dirty little secret" that no one wanted to mention because we all thought we were the only ones. Namely: even when we draw feet well, they're ugly! Same with knees, for me. :)

As to conventions: the only one I'm committed to right now is San Diego Comic-con. Don't know about the other folks right now - I'm sure they'll post though. Maybe we should put up a blog post with a summer con roundup like we did last year...


MuYoung Kim said...

Another great podcast as always! I'm especially happy that you guys (and gal) decided to revisit the issue of style. I know when I first started out, I was very much fixated on how to establish a "style." Over time, and much cursing, I came to realize that your style is something that you wake one day and realize you have. Rather than worrying about establishing a style, I think artists both new and old are better served finding ways to further "grow" their style. A Style is going to happen, regardless, but I think it's up to the artist to make sure it evolves rather than stagnates, which is not a given.

Wow...I think I used the word "style" in every sentence...take that syntax!

Cacodaemonia said...

Great podcast! :) It was interesting to hear all your views on style, especially since Sam's work is so different from most everyone else on the show.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning ArtOrder a while back! I saw Jeremy's Boll Deevil entry on there today (love all the armored protrusions!) and Patrick's comment about Ninja Mountain. :) I already sent in my entry for next week's Unfamiliar Familiars.

Patrick, I use a Huey Pro monitor calibrator, but I haven't been able to get both my monitor's colors to sync up. Granted, they're completely different brands and models, but still. I might have to try this Spyder in the future.

Anna Sellers said...

Great Podcast! It has the feel of listening in on conversations in an art class. Fun and informative. All of you are so down to earth.

I have a future topic request for Composition/Design. After listening to you discuss style, it has me really thinking about composition and how that plays into it. I am curious how you approach composition. What elements do you feel are most important? What makes you decide to use one thumbnail (if you do them) over another. What kinds of information from your customers dictate composition?

Jon Hodgson said...

Hey Anna!

I think it was episode 8 where we had a really good chinwag about composition. It was a good one, and I learned loads!

It could we be worth a revisit as a returning topic at some point though!


Ninja Mountain said...

I'll be at GenCon this year in the Art Show. Had to miss last year, so I am excited to return. The wife is joining me this year as well. Should be a good time. :)

Wish I could afford Illuxcon as well. That looks like it would be an amazing experience. :)

Good luck to those taking part in Art Order's upcoming "Concept Tuesday". Those have proven to be great fun so far. :)
My twin brother, Joshua, even joined the round-up!

Unknown said...

Hey Caco! I really don't have any experience with other calibration devices, but I do know that this one got my monitors pretty close - much better than simply using the default cal utility. :)

Kat said...

What is amazing is how many things out there simulate arsenic poisoning. think about it. ;)


Unknown said...

That certainly is a good thing to know - but keep it quiet! We don't want everyone to know our plans...!