Sunday, September 02, 2012

Episode 116 is here! For Comparison's Sake!

In this episode, Kieran, Socar, and Jeremy discuss their latest work.
Jeremy found a new toy ( a new brand of colored mud with which to play)!
Socar quit her job and is now an illustrator...though we are all pretty sure she was an illustrator all along.
Kieran faces the age old conundrum of being compared with another artist ( aren't we all).

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Listen to the show:

Birds of Lore
Chroma Atelier Interactive Acrylics
Dukes of Hazzard


ATOM said...

Have to listen to this tomorrow when I'm scrawling. ;)

JG said...

Awesome show! I am glad to have an update to get through my dull work-week.
Some good convos here, I like the dynamic of this trio, seems Socar is more well behaved when Patrick isn't around ;) Also, congrats to Socar on the successful Kickstarter!

I liked the studio setup discussion, and Jeremy it was very interesting to hear about N.C. Wyeth and Rockwell's studios. Wish i had a giant barn for painting :)

This podcast came at a good time for me, I was about to purchase a new desk for my Home computer studio setup, and Kieran reminded me that i really want to convert to a standing workstation.

So i did a ton of research and thought I would share my findings via my blog:
So, i'm upgrading to a Standing Desk

I'm going to purchase an IKEA Jerker, sounds gross, but is awesome!
If anyone is interested I can post an update when I get it set up and see how it works!

Thanks again ninjas for guiding me through the shadowy caverns of modern life!


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