Friday, December 03, 2010

Episode 87--Illuxcon3 Wrap-Up!

This episode begins with an interview with monster designer and illustrator, Christopher Burdett.
He and Jeremy are resting after a frenetic four days of Illuxcon madness.

Afterwards Ralph Horsley, Drew Baker, Joe Acone, and Jeremy compare notes about their experiences at the symposium.
We hope you will enjoy the show.

You can also look forward to a number of interviews Jeremy was able to get while in Altoona.
They will appear in future episodes so stay tuned!

To get more details of Jeremy's experiences at Illuxcon, head on over to the following post found on his blog site.

Some links of note:

Don't forget to post links to your blog write-ups about Illuxcon, if you have them.
If you have photos to share, please do!
Listener questions are always encouraged! Drop them in the comments section, if you have some!


R2D2 said...

Hi guys,

I'm writing about Episode 26 here; I've got a feeling that no one reads the comments in the previous archives.

I'll just like to thank you for doing that podcast - I thought I was alone in having self doubt.

Most often, the periods of doubt occur after I wake up. I'll think, "Why am I pursuing drawing? Drawing is STUPID. It's for children, not grown-ups. Grownups work in mature jobs like accounting or manufacturing or research and such."

Or "You think you can really make it? You're so way behind others that kids can draw better than you. KIDS."

Then I remember why I'm trying in the first place, but the doubt still resurfaces once in a while.

Thanks for talking about this - it makes me realize that I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...


I agree with the point about subject matter vs the sale of originals. I paint graveyards, I'm not sure who in their right mind would want that on their wall, aside from me. I think Socar once mentioned that tattoo parlors are a good place to sell art with horrific subject. I'm not sure they can handle the price range that full color oil paintings are worth, however.

And regarding meeting too many people and getting confused, yes, I love name tags. Now if everyone could right their name on them, it would be even better.

Thanks for the episode

Anonymous said...

Oh, and blog write-ups about Illuxcon:
The showcase


Friends with podcasts
In which you can see a blurry pic of Jeremy. said...

Hah, I had an Illuxcon mishap as well. Halfway through the con I got sick (I think there was something floating around) I spent 2 days waving in and out of feeling like crap and I think it took a toll on me getting around to talk to people and by the end of the con I was just sitting around somewhere in the main exhibit trying to rest. My apologies to anyone I may have gotten my sick on lol. I still had a kickass time though!