Sunday, November 07, 2010

Episode 85---Bravery in failure.

First off--Many thanks go to fellow Ninja, Kieran Yanner, for his musical contribution to the changing sound of the Ninja Mountain Podcast.
Kieran, besides being an amazing artist, is also a talented musician and has developed new music for this program.
We know you will enjoy it!
In this episode Socar, Patrick, Drew, and Jeremy take a look back at some of their worst printed work. The stuff of failed legend.
The skeletons in our studio closets have swarmed the Mountain!

These are not those cute little high school doodles that every artist shares with fond memory.
Oh no.
These beasts were produced after spending thousands of dollars on education and were part of our respective burgeoning freelance careers.
Each of us had done better work prior to these examples and continue to now, but they represent those moments where work simply fell flat on its face for any of a variety of reasons in the early days of our careers.

The light of experience and hindsight allow us to look at these examples with objectivity... and humor.
Okay--mostly humor....

The images below appear in the order that they are mentioned on the show.
Where a larger version exists, a link has been provided beneath the title.

In the Comments Section of this blog post ---

We encourage you to have fun with these by offering captions for them.
Also--Give us your vote for the worst of the worst!

If you have a failed piece that you feel brave enough to share, then join in the fun and share a link with your fellow Ninjas.

And now--the artwork:

Port of Entry-- Jeremy

Port of Entry

Autopsy-- Drew
This piece is actually an example of Drew's more accomplished work from the same period. It is offered in stark contrast to what follows...


What followed:
Zako -- Drew

Kyrga -- Drew


Everyone -- Socar


Zheoljhe -- Socar


Weird Wild West -- Patrick
Weird Wild West

An Alien Land -- Patrick
An Alien Land

A Single Glimpse -- Jeremy

A Single Glimpse

Imbalance ( aka. The Stars) -- Drew


Gone Fishing -- Socar

Gone Fishing

Bad Moon -- Socar

Bad Moon

Lucky -- Patrick


Before the Fall -- Socar

Before the Fall

Pavilion ( apparently an experiment in minimalism) -- Jeremy


Tubeway Entrance ( aka. "Two Boy" Entrance) -- Jeremy

Tubeway Entrance

Thank you for joining us this week. 
Additional links:
Visual Artists Podcast Network
The latest debacle in Copyright ignorance ( this is one hot topic right now).
Kieran Yanner


Shaun Patterson said...

Kudos for being brave enough to post these "formative" pieces. Good to see that every great career has to start somewhere and that we as artists shouldn't take ourselves to seriously. 2 thumbs up as usual.

Asia Heaven said...
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Aledin said...

Hi guys!
I was in tears here and there. Very funny podcast! :D
I want to vote for my favorite. It's hard but my vote goes to Wild West with its contortionist cowboy. And that font!


Patrick said...

Thanks folks. This was painful but fun. Oh, and yes, we didn't even mention the font on "Weird Wild West" - how could we have missed ripping on that (with the awesome wood texturing!)

Joe Slucher said...

My vote goes to Imbalance. Although I have to say that sounds like an absolutely terrible brief. Black lightning? geez.

Patrick said...

Oh, they're ALL winners in my book, Joe. Each and every one.. XD

Drew Baker said...

Thanks, Joe. I like to think "Imbalance" ensured I was never asked to do that sort of piece again.

As much as Kyrga makes me wince I can't tear away from Jeremy's Pavilion. I give it my Juror's Choice.

Roger Tallada said...

Just discovered this podcast a couple of weeks ago, been a fan ever since. I smiled all the way through this episode! :D

P.J. Magalhães said...

"Ghaaaaaagh! Red Kryptonite behind and Green Kryptonite in front. Why, oh science gods, were we born kryptonians... whyyyyyyyyyy?"

Absolutely freaking funny show. I think that was very cool of all of you.

Patrick said...

Roger - welcome! Glad to have you on as a listener. :D

And thanks, PJ - it took us longer than the usual show too, as we spent one day's worth of Skyping just to figure out which pieces were bad enough to teach a lesson without actually killing any listeners outright. ;)

ATOM said...

Amusing stuff yet again, thanks folks.

Chris said...

That was a pretty funny and honest episode. I would've liked a bit more info on what you've learned or what went through your mind as a young artist making the pieces, or maybe even what you would do now to improve the piece. (maybe a drawover for fun?)

But still a good show! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is completely unrelated to the episode, but I wrote something about the ninjas I met at Illuxcon and I thought some of you might be interested.

Jan said...

A caption inspired by Gitsune's blog:

Jeremy in real life