Friday, September 17, 2010

Episode 80---Motivation, Mentors, and Money...

This week, Socar and Jeremy join up to discuss a listener question from Stuart Hatt regarding motivation and the role of family and friends in getting past the challenges of painting.
This leads into discussion of Jon Schindehette's recent Art Order Blog post regarding mentoring.
Later, the dynamic duo discuss that most frustrating creature of all--the flaky artist---only this one took the money and ran!

We hope you enjoy the show!

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A link to the article we discussed today...
Art Order's talk about Mentorship

A question for publishers--Have you encountered an artist that left you high and dry? How did you deal with the situation?
Do you have a mentor? What impact have they had on your life?
Are you a mentor to someone?
How do you stay motivated in the studio and how do family and friends help you get over the bumps in the road?


Cliff said...

I wanted to thank you for helping to spread the word about my problems with "that certain artist". Obviously, I disagree that naming names is not the way to go, but I understand the reluctance. This is the first time I've encountered this from this side of the table. As an artist myself, I've had the situation of not being paid by a publisher before. Especially back in the day when I was doing RPG work.

Cliff VanMeter

Ninja Mountain said...

Hey Cliff,

Under the circumstances, I think you handled the situation well.
For the podcast, I thought it best to speak of the situation in more general terms and provide a link for folks to visit should they want to follow the specific story.

Visiting your link would allow people to see how things are being resolved in a more timely manner than our weekly show, after all. :)

It made for interesting conversation and I hope more of our publishing listeners may choose to share their own experiences with us.

Thank you, Cliff. I hope the situation is resolved in short order for you.
Good luck!

Hokunin said...

Hmm... I was missing Socar Myles's voice haha. That strange, haha

She was absent few episodes.

Shane Smith said...

You guys have made me curious - I want to know who "that certain artist" is!

Stuart Hatt said...

Cheers Socar and Jeremy,
it was good to hear your insights to it and that they aren't a million miles from my own thoughts. Thanks again guys, and to answer Socar's question from early in the episode: 'your guys' was a typo but I do believe you are all owned by Patrick as a collective. Loved this episode thanks!

Ninja Mountain said...

A pleasure, Stuart. :)
Hokunin---It was great to have Socar return to us from the internet void.

Shane---We actually posted a link in the show notes to Cliff's article. It should be an interesting story to follow and we hope it comes to a happy conclusion shortly.