Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer Convention Funtime GO!

Hey there Ninja Mountain listeners!

Well, summer is here, and with it comes conventions. And the biggest in the US is the San Diego Comic-Con. Patrick will be attending, mostly hanging out at the Archaia booth promoting the upcoming Starkweather: Immortal hardback, but also giving a Digital Painting Seminar!

The seminar is now officially up on the SDCC Friday Programming page. Here's the text:

6:30-7:30 Digital Painting Seminar: Patrick McEvoy (Starkweather: Immortal) demonstrates the art of digital painting with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Using examples from his work on the Marvel Style guide, a panel from Archaia's Starkweather, and a cover from BOOM! Studios' Fall of Cthulhu, Patrick will step through various techniques, starting from pencils and working up to a final rendering. Learn how to bring a fully painted look to your digital artwork! Room 30CDE

So, if you're attending the con, be sure to be at room 30CDE at 6:30 Friday the 24th, and give Patrick a little love.

Patrick's also going to be on an Archaia comics panel on Thursday:

2:30-3:30 Archaia/Roddenberry Productions: Days Missing— Archaia Studios Press is now simply known as Archaia! Learn about the sci-fi titles the publisher has in store, such as Titanium Rain (with creators Josh Finney and Kat Rocha), Robotika (with creator Alex Sheikman), and Starkweather (with writer David Rodriguez and artist Patrick McEvoy). Then meet the creative dream team behind Days Missing, the new sci-fi comic miniseries from Archaia and Roddenberry Productions, the legendary company that brought you Star Trek. Get a sneak peek of exclusive covers and art, and learn more about storylines for upcoming issues. Panelists include Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth from Roddenberry Productions; Archaia’s Stephen Christy, Mark Smylie and Rob Levin; Chris Burnham (X-Men: Divided We Stand); Ian Edginton (Stormwatch); Phil Hester (The Darkness); David Hine (Batman: Battle for the Cowl); Frazer Irving (Batman and Robin); and Matz(The Killer). All attendees will receive a free copy of Days Missing#1! Room 3


In other news, Jeremy will be at GenCon in August. I know he's looking forward to seeing you all there, I hope he writes a little more about it here... :)


OnDrawnWings said...

Thanks for all the shows. I've listened to every one of them.

Patrick, I'm considering going to Comic-con just to see your demo.

Hey, how about touching on what else an illustrator should do there, and how they should do it? A topic worth revisiting, I think.

Ninja Mountain said...

You're quite welcome - glad you're enjoying them!

If you're thinking of going to SDCC, you need to start looking for re-sold tickets - they're already sold out!! Crazy!

nick said...

Hey everyone...great show! I'm listening while working on a painting.

There was a question concerning healthcare..and it made me think to ask you all about exercising/stretching before working.

My arm and shoulder ache after a certain period of work. It becomes difficult to hold still. Has anyone encountered this, or know remedies?

Ninja Mountain said...

Hi nick! Glad to have you on board.

You know, about 7 years back my arm was hurting a lot, and I adjusted my Wacom grip to accommodate my hand. That is, I stopped holding it like a pencil, and started holding it at an angle that seemed weird at first, but fit how I hold my arm WITHOUT twisting it or straining the muscles. That made a difference for me!

On the other hand, my wife started getting shoulder pain from mousing, and it turned out that she actually had a muscle tear that was degenerative - so that's something to watch out for. If that is the case, only surgery can fix it, and nothing else will work. So be sure to check with a doctor (a REAL doctor that is, not a chiropractor - someone who can diagnose whether it's a strain or a tear that needs surgery).

MuYoung Kim said...

Hey Patrick, save me a seat front row center, and yes, Comic Con sounds extra crazy this year with it being sold out a month in advance.

Yeah, it's too bad that the richest nation on Earth can't seem to offer its residence health care...yeah.

Ninja Mountain said...

See you there, Mu Young! :)


Ninja Mountain said...

The simple answer is to stretch before, during, and after working. Take frequent breaks to rest your eyes and stretch. Walk around.
Run an errand or two. Get some sun.
Do what you can to break up your day and add variety.

Sitting for eight plus hours is the road to a bad back and stiff legs.

Exercise daily. A brisk walk is good. Pick your poison. ;)

It is a good idea to adjust your monitor's height so that the middle of the screen is at eye-level. This way you can sit comfortably and see the screen in all its glory.
My monitor used to rest rather low and I unconsciously craned my neck to the correct eye level to accommodate. Stiff neck. Stiff back.

I placed my wacom tablet on a laptop cart that has been tilted to the maximum. This has given me a very natural working angle.
Plus, with the tablet, I've barely even touched the mouse that has literally been gathering dust on my desk.
I'd suggest a stylus over a mouse any day for daily tasks.
I've been working for years as a digital artist and these guidelines are keeping me healthy.

Jon Hodgson said...

I got some really bad wrist strain a few years back. I traded up for a bigger tablet, and it went away for a long time. When it came back I glued a piece of wood to the underside of my tablet which tilted it up. The solved the issue almost immediately.

Taking regular breaks to switch activity is really important and cant be over stressed. There's a bit of a fashion for flogging yourself to prove you are somehow "hardcore". I think its silly.