Sunday, July 12, 2009

Equipment drive

Hi loyal Ninja audience! We have a fun idea - Patrick and Jeremy would like to record some interviews with artists at San Diego Comic-con and GenCon this summer. But to do this, we'd need to buy a digital recorder, and we were wondering: is there any chance we could get you to pitch in? Sort of an "Equipment drive". If you're interested, just click the "donate" button on the left side of the page and send whatever you can afford; no amount is too small!

(Except negative numbers - I guess that would be too small. So technically I lied, but hopefully you know what I meant in spirit..)

Thanks a lot! We'll let you know the results of the drive soon. As always, we really appreciate your support whether monetary or words of encouragement or simply downloading the podcast. We're glad you're there.

** UPDATE: We're doing GREAT on donations on this. I've already gone ahead and ordered a spiffy little recording device that will be here in time for San Diego, and a couple of other ancillary items. Thanks very much for all your generous contributions. Feel free to keep donating (as always!), but we just wanted you to know that this drive has been a rousing success!

PS - Keep an eye out for Patrick at SDCC and Jeremy at GenCon, with recorder in hand... They'll both be on the lookout for people to record for the show!

** UPDATE 2!: It occurred to us that perhaps we should give some much-deserved credit to those great folks who have donated - both to this drive and in general. However, we were also concerned that perhaps anonymity would be valued by some of you as well. So, if you would like to have your name trumpeted to other Ninja-watchers, (or if you wouldn't, either way!) please send an email to Patrick - contact @ Thanks!!


Joe Slucher said...

I can't afford to help anyone out right now but I sure would like to hear some artists interviewed and perhaps Andy could record his demo from SDCC. Maybe try doing an art auction to raise some money. See if Ninjas could donate sketches or even non-ninjas.

Ninja Mountain said...

That's a great idea, Joe! And actually it's me doing the SDCC thing - and recording that is a good idea as well! (though it's probably going to lose a lot without the visuals... but you never know!)


Joe Slucher said...

For some reason I was mixed up and thought Andy McEvoy and Patrick Hepworth. Well if you're working digitallly you can use a site like screen toaster to capture the visuals.

Ninja Mountain said...

I'll look that up! :)

I think those names work just fine anyway. Actually "Patrick Hepworth" has quite a nice sound to it when you say it out loud.


riq said...

Sounds like a great idea.. I'm looking forward to that episode in the future.

Joe Slucher said...


Jan said...


\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

And there was much rejoicing.

Ninja Mountain said...