Friday, March 13, 2009

Ninja Mountain Podcast #7 - A guest!

On our latest artistic excursion, Jeremy, Kieran and Patrick welcome a special guest, illustrator and designer Von Glitschka. We talk about style and how to develop it, style and how to market yours, style and when to use one... well, you get the idea! Also some talk about comics, portfolios and silly names.

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Show Notes:
Freelance Switch!
The Mysterious fantasy artist that Von mentions...

The Art Of P. Craig Russell
Adobe Illustrator

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Von Glitschka
Patrick McEvoy
Scott Johnson
Jeremy McHugh


Cacodaemonia said...

Enjoyed the show guys! All the discussion about style and illustration versus design was very interesting. As always, I'm already looking forward to next week!

My dogs like Kieran's puppy cameo, too. ;)

ATOM said...

Great entertainment as usual guys!
And Von did indeed make a worthwhile special guest. Have a great weekend!

Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks folks! The style discussion was very interesting, glad you liked it. I'm sad we didn't have Jon there to talk graphic design with Von and Kieran, though. :)


jorge f. muñoz said...

haven't listened to this episode yet, I'm a big fan Mr. Von Glitschka.
I just want to give the heads up that a couple of links in the show notes don't work.


Ninja Mountain said...

Thanks, Jorgé! I was out for the weekend, and I see that an enterprising ninja added those links but didn't quite get the path right. I'll fix 'em now. :)

Ninja Mountain said...

I coulda' sworn they worked...honest!
The blogspot editor even stopped me from posting the update until I fixed the broken links I had initially typed out....Ugh.
My brain hurts.

Ninja Mountain said...

:D They were 99% perfect, Jer! Just missing the ":" after the "http".

Technology is a harsh mistress!


Meredith said...

Aha...that's the eternal problem. I wish people would commission me something else but they don't so I having anything else to show.

I think you mean shiny-glowy-everybody-wears-vinyl-and-light-sources-from-everywhere for coloring style Patrick ;) Can't stand it.

Would be great if you guys had a traditional artist on some time.

Ninja Mountain said...

Well - I used to work traditionally and still do when I can! And I think 90% of everything Jeremy's done has been traditional until the last year or so (is that right Jer?) Jon used to do a bunch, as well.

But -- you have but to ask and you shall receive! Long-time Ninja and acrylic painting great Ralph Horsley joins in this week! Should be a great talk.


Meredith said...

Ah, yes, but you never talk about it :)

Renessa47 said...

Chipping into the Illustrator v. Designer discussion a while late, so that maybe Patrick and some others can put a finger on the difference they feel:

At least what I've encountered in my schooling versus some fine artist friends I have is that we are taught psychology. Even though the particular programs I'm about to finish don't have any classes solely based around the psychological impact of color and design structure, I have had more than one teacher pause for several classes a semester and go over the scientific data of what colors give what impressions and the proven ways to lay out a page and leave the final "selling" impression in the viewer's mind.
For all the fine artists and the few illustrators I know, they're always taught to do what feels good and the rules of design are something secondary that if you can fit in during then good for you. It's more about the feeling than the composition and flow, and feeling doesn't always make sense to one who didn't originally feel it.
So in short, we're taught to sell and inform. And sell includes putting lipstick on pigs (aka - bad illustrations, as mentioned). ;P Illustrators are taught to create and express. And expression isn't always clear and sensible to everyone.

Ninja Mountain said...

Renessa - a month late but I wanted to say "great post"! :)