Sunday, September 28, 2008

News Updates FOR 9/28/08

Latest News Updates ---9/28/08
Grey Thornberry is keeping busy with interiors for Dragonborn and In Search of Adventure (Goodman Games), interiors for Hedge Magic (Ars Magica, Atlas Games), 2 covers for pending titles from Atlas Games, interiors for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (Green Ronin), and a piece to promote the NY FoodFestival/benefit breast cancer awareness event. 

Grey is also maintaining a blog about his family's e
xperiences living in Trinidad at

you can also follow Patrick McEvoy on Twitter, with random thoughts about art and life at

Jeremy McHugh is keeping busy with illustrations for Green Ronin Publishing and Expeditious Retreat Press.  He has also recently written in his blog over at 

Also, don't forget to visit  where you can obtain information about the upcoming Wonder Woman Day III charity auctions taking place in Portland Oregon and Flemington, New Jersey. Our own Jeremy McHugh has donated a pin-up of the popular heroine to be auctioned at the Portland event and over a hundred more pieces are available for bidding from many of the Comic Industry's leading artists.
Jeremy's contribution, a watercolor and ink illustration on 9x12 watercolor paper. (See Below)
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