Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jon Hodgson News

Well now. Dispatches from Jon World Number One:

I'm off to Newcastle (UK) this Sunday the 13th of November to do a signing for my friends at Travelling Man. There's a Legend of the Five Rings CCG tournament on too, so I expect signing cards will be the order of the day! Hopefully some print sales too.

As mentioned on the NM front page, I've just finished my first batch of work for Wizards of the Coast, for a D&D supplement. Which I have to say I enjoyed enormously - I wish I could share some of the work, but I can't just yet! There's definitely no free rides - the higher the profile of the work the more "right" is has to be, so it was pretty hard work - though the pressure came from myself! The art directors at WotC are nothing but pleasant to work with! Fingers crossed for a repeat performance...

This last week also saw me send in a cover for Mongoose's Conan line, and a cover for a new Eden Studios book:All Tomorrow's Zombies Exciting stuff! Zombies and Conan are hard to beat enjoyment-wise.

Looking forward I have just embarked on sketches for internal art for Warhammer Historical's "Vlad the Impaler and the Ottomans". This is the first non-ancients era book I've done for them, so its a steep learning curve on the historical research. The cover art is in the bag, the first one for the core line that I've done. I hope it can live up to the previous covers!

Lately I've squeezed in a little experimental personal work, and you can have a wee sneak preview here: Sketchbook
Well that's about it from me for now. Maybe see you in Newcastle!


Ninja Mountain said...

Just a quick update - the signing went well. It was was a little on the quiet side - the new set of L5R is still being digested apparently. There's been some hefty rules changes so the players are still building new decks for tournament use. Ah well there'll be another visit I'm sure!

It was nice to meet the staff at Travelling Man Newcastle, and I had a good chat with some up and coming artists!

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