Thursday, September 30, 2010

Episode 81--Children's Illustrator, Donna Berger. Plus a bonus podcast!

In episode 81 Socar, Drew, and Jeremy sit down to an interview with children's illustrator, Donna Berger.
Donna has illustrated numerous children's books and shares her work and experiences with us.

We apologize for missing last week's release, but our fearless editor was sick as a hell hound ( we can't just say "dog" around here---we're fantasy artists).
We hope you enjoy the discussion!

Also this week, we have an additional short podcast for you to listen to. Jeremy is the current president of the NH Creative Club and recently had the opportunity to interview a networking guru on the joys of person-to-person networking.
Have a listen and polish your interpersonal skills as you prepare to press the flesh at your next convention!
Here's the link:

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Next week Patrick, Drew, Socar, and Jeremy sit down to talk about the future of digital publishing, and royalty deals...

Donna Berger

Picturebook Directory of Children's Illustration



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mindfields said...

Hey ninja dudes! Who of you guys are traveling to Illuxcon?

Also, I'm looking for somebody to split my hotel expenses! If you or anybody you know is interested please let me know.