Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 62 Concepts and Comics...

In this episode, Jon, Andy, and Ralph arrive just in the nick of time to rescue concept artist and illustrator, Torstein Nordstrand, from the clutches of volcanic ash to discuss his work and career in concept art. 
Later on, Patrick, Socar, and Jeremy join up with Chandra Free to talk about comics.


preston said...

This episode got me thinking about good ways to publish comics, and I started wondering about web comics. I don't recall you guys discussing that in the episode, but I always work on art during the show, so I occasionally tune out. Does anyone know anybody who's gone that route (release comics strictly on the internet)? I'd love to hear somebody talk about their experience with that, and the pros and cons of web comics versus printed comics.
...Anyway, so then I had a related random thought. Because I'm a rabid groupie of the show, and I'm always craving more after each episode, I was thinking that it'd be awesome if you guys did a ninja mountain web comic. About on a mountain. Each host could work on their own individual chapter. No deadlines, so it's a free time thing. Whenever a chapter gets completed, you put it up on the site. Sell each chapter for like a buck, and make some money for the show past donations. it'd be totally sick...dude!

Jan said...

Hmm, how does this not have more comments? I thought it was a really good episode.

I especially liked the concept art segment.
And I looove Torstein's work on the Stygians for Age of Conan!